Welcome to the website of MAHARO, the welfare Research group

The welfare Research group MAHARO is a organization established by 20-something welfare and medical workers aspiring "improvement of welfare and medical quality" and "construction of welfare * medical * local network." Mainly welfare and medical workers are conducting activities by using their holidays.

●Fundamental Principle
Activities related to coexistence/welfare , from comprehensive ,multilateral and international perspectives ,with the aim of achieving coexistence between people ,nature and animals.

●Three Pillars
1) We aim for coexistence of humans, nature and animals
2) We realize friendly society to coexistence of humans, nature and animals
3) We study about coexistence of humans, nature and animals

●Main activities of the welfare Research group MAHARO
・Welfare college
We invite experts and hold periodic seminars.

・Column Publication
1) Column <<MAHARO no Iro)>> (MAHARO's color) regarding "humans, nature and animals" since 2013

2) Column <<MAHARO colors>> written by the experts in the world since 2015
The language is in English. We translate some of them into Japanese and publish irregularly.

3) Column <<MAHARO's Welfare>> for the welfare workers since 2014
・Study and development of welfare
・International visit of welfare and medical sites
・Supporting foreigners living in Japan
・Raising working dogs

MAHARO visits the welfare and medical sites in foreign countries proactively, and exchanging information with the local people. Learning the cultures of each countries leads to new discoveries.

Year of 2007
It's a small organization established by 2 high school students (Yuki and Emiko.) We learned animal welfare, and started from the activity telling about lives of animals and abuses to our school friends. Also we conducted clean up activities of the local area and enlightenment activity of the assistance dogs. (In Japan, it indicates guide dogs, service dogs and hearing dogs)

Year of 2010
We became working adults, and expanded our activities to the field related to human welfare.

Year of 2013
Started activities aim for the coexistence of humans, nature and animals, which is the basic principle of MAHARO, with our motto "the welfare starts from knowing and learning."

Year of 2015
As a welfare Research group, we are conducting activities with a theme "welfare."